Our Lady of Guadalupe, our Lady of Light.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, our Lady of Light. recorded Sunday December 12, 2021 –

Li-lan Hsiang Weiss – steward of Armonia Health in Durham, North Carolina joins Francis Rico to celebrate the appearance of our Lady of Guadalupe – also known as Tonanzin – who came into our world from realms of Light in response to the prayers of the people of Central Mexico.

Francis shares the story of Her intercession, as well as the deeper and less well known indigenous story of people’s desperation and prayers being answered by Sacred Presence. The blessings of this miracle continue even today – when just like in 1531, we live in a world with a plague and are faced with multiple over-lapping emergencies that threaten life itself.

This hour and 20 minute long celebration shares the indigenous story, and also includes a meditation message for our times from Li-lan – and a prayer at the conclusion for you to enjoy, experience, and integrate the mysterious benefit of our Lady’s grace coming into your life.