Virtual Shamanic Journey to TEOTIHUACAN

I invite you to join our Virtual Shamanic Journey to TEOTIHUACAN August 23 thru 28, 2020 – Becoming an Artist of Spirit – a journey into radiant beauty – offering you direct experiences of both the magic of Teo, and the wonder of your own innate gifts.
I’ve brought together 12 guides whose lives have been deeply touched by Teotihuacan, to share the energies, images, and their profound experiences – but ultimately, this journey is about you connecting with the ineffable.

Participation is by donation – and your gift goes 100% to support Community Care Programs sponsored by the Dreaming House at Teotihuacan. Please donate what you can – everyone has different financial circumstances, and I’d rather have you join us than not! Don’t let financial concerns stop you from registering. If you are comfortable financially, please donate a little more – that will help even everything out – and every cent goes to food and care programs.

Our journey begins with an Introduction to Teotihuacan on Sunday Aug 23rd at 11:00am PDT. This will include meeting Alberto and Veronica live at the Dreaming House!
We continue our journey through Teo with 5 one-hour gatherings at 4:00pm PDT each day – from Monday 24 thru Friday 28. Everything will be recorded for your viewing convenience.

When you Register with our Journey Administrator, Elaine Silver, you will be given a link and a special password to our private journey web page, where you will find the Zoom link to each meeting, and where all of the information and videos we share will be available, plus bonus materials.

Please Contact me at: or text 707-338-0199 – for any additional information.

To Register, contact Elaine Silver at She will take care of you and give you donation payment options of PayPal, Venmo, or personal check – plus special instructions for our journey together.

Thank you! You are stepping into the Mystery, into the Magic, and into the profound support for your evolutionary growth and flowering that has been the reason so many people have made this journey with me.

Below is a Poster and calendar of the Virtual Shamanic Journey. Please do forward this invitation to your friends and families! You can attend as much or as little as you have time for and still receive enormous benefit from this journey. You will be able to watch video recordings of each day’s adventure, at your own pace – do it your way, or join in the whole experience from the beginning – it’s up to you.

Note that on four weekdays of the 6 days, the afternoon sessions will be followed by a half hour sharing and question & answer period.

Thank you again, and again! Your donation supports a beautiful community of people who really do need our assistance.

I look forward to having you join us, and here is a blessing direct from Teotihuacan:
Francis Rico

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