Applying Shamanism with Francis Rico

I invite you to step into the magical and miraculous life you were born to live – joining with a community of people who are dedicated to celebrating the gifts we each bring to life.

Yes, it’s true – we’re all experiencing the many complex and overlapping emergencies that face us and our families, friends, communities, and the world we share life with.

As a response, Applying Shamanism offers you powerful tools and resources for reshaping your life – directly benefiting you, and from there, making mutual benefit possible for the sake of life itself.

Our program condenses years of shamanic training and apprenticeship into a short 6 month course that offers you a creative realignment and orientation to “reality” that includes shamanic tools and resources, re-ignition of your innate radiance and resourceful feral intelligence, practical applications of flowing energy, healing practices, practical magic, living ceremonies, serious celebrations, and journeys.

Our focus is on incorporating shamanic wisdom and practices into our daily lives. We get creative with monthly on-line video gatherings, events, materials, regional groups when possible, online personal interest work groups, and optional private sessions..

Our schedules are busy – so, all classes and events are recorded for viewing at your convenience. All materials and resources are designed to support your progress – there are no deadlines or arbitrary rules – we’re on shamanic time!

Monthly activities also include wilderness adventures -along the Pacific North Coast to places of magic and energy – with your parallel adventures in the wilderness nearest to you, wherever you live! There are additional optional journeys to Teotihuacan Mexico, and to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca in Peru – depending on how the global pandemic resolves.

In recognition of our financial times, program participation is by sliding scale monthly donation. If you feel called, please don’t let finances deter you. I’d rather have you participate than not.

You’re invited to bring your questions and concerns to our “Get Acquainted” preliminary Zoom meeting online on Monday January 11th at 4:00pm PST. Send me a note if you just want to check this out.

Registration is now open. Applying Shamanism officially begins with a Zoom video gathering on Sunday January 17th, at 11:00am, PST.

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