Candle Clearing Workshop

Shaman Connection Presents

Candle Clearing Workshop with Pam and Roger Mailloux


October 10,2015
10 -2 PM
Health Touch NC LLC
3500 Westgate Drive,
Durham, NC
Registration Fee:  $50.00

Join Pam and Roger Mailloux in this Candle Clearing workshop and learn how to remove “Susto” from the light body.

In South American and Latin American cultures “Susto” is a spiritual imbalance caused when a person experiences a sudden shock or traumatic event in his or her life.  The negative pattern that results from this event lodges in the physical body and/or the energetic body.  Candle Clearing draws negativities out of the body and emotional field and into the wax of the candle.   The candle is then melted and the wax poured into a bowl of water.  When the wax hardens, Pam and Roger will guide you in interpreting the resulting patterns and discuss them with each of you.
Workshop participants will practice on each other.

There will be discussion and instruction and all materials will be provided.
The experience will inspire learning and sharing.
Pam and Roger have been Reiki Masters and Teachers in MA and NC for 15 years.  They have studied the candle clearing process as taught by Ysabel and Olinda, The “Twin Shamans” from Peru.

Questions? or call 336-376-9534

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