Visiting Paqo (shaman) from Peru – Don Wilson Puma Nawi

wilson3Hello Friends,

Roger and I at Shaman Connection are very pleased to have received a surprise visit from a Paqo (shaman) friend from the Sacred Valley of Peru.  He will be here only a short time but wants to share his many gifts with the community.

Don Wilson Puma Nawi was born in 1985 in the town of Huasao, (Village of the Shamans) Cusco, capital of the Inka Empire.  He was born into the lineage of many great shamans on both his mother’s and his father’s side.  His father is Don Martin Pinedo Acuna (El Condor) and both his mother, Maria Sanchez, and his sister, Vilma Pinedo, are well-respected shamans.  He is the great nephew of Don Benito Qorihuaman, the greatest Altomesayoq (highest level of Shaman) in all of Peru.

Wilson has been initiated into this medicine path by his whole family and by the old Q’ero shamans from the mountains.  He is connected to spiritual healing through meditation, prayer, song and ceremony.  He continually seeks spirituality and sacredness from the wilson4Ancestors and their ancient ways while adding contemporary beliefs to their teachings. Wilson has been performing sacred ceremonies and sacred rituals with these wise Andean medicine people for most of his life with the goal of keeping and preserving this medicine tradition and bringing this knowledge to the world.

Wilson will be appearing at The Oasis in Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro, on Sunday evening, March 13 from 6 to 7:30 to give a talk and answer questions from the audience.  At that time, you will be able to make an appointment for a private healing session at Health Touch in Durham and in Snow Camp.  He will also be performing despacho ceremonies in the area and if you would like to sponsor him for a despacho ceremony at your home or place of business, contact us.

Come and meet Wilson.  We look forward to seeing you!

Pam and Roger Mailloux

Shaman Connection

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