An EXPLOSIVE evening at Oasis- with shaman Francis Rico.

An EXPLOSIVE evening at Oasis- with shaman Francis Rico.  Science and Shamanism have just collided!   

And the resulting explosion has generated a reality shifting burst of illumination, lighting up the reality that our world is pure energy!

Join Francis on Friday, September 27, at 7:00pm at Oasis at Carr Mill Mall for an evening of proactive shamanism – stepping out of the trance of “objective” reality and on to a high-vibration path of wild explosive energy!

From the truly “far-out” discovery by astrophysics that the foundation of our cosmos is “One Love” – to the deep inner realms of your own personal neurophysiology – this evening will be illuminating!

You’ll experience 3 shamanic practices to help you negotiate our rapidly changing world, along with a direct experience of practical magic.
This evening promises to be a full house – come early for a beverage and a snack before lift-off!
Join Francis where the past meets the present as the future unfolding!
For more info, contact Pam Mailloux – 336-317-7198
Francis Rico apprenticed with his Grandfather, a Maketo shaman.  From this early start, he has followed pathways of indigenous wisdom traditions around the world.  He is the author of the foundational shamanic classic “A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty.”  Contact


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