Celebration with Francis Rico at Health Touch NC LLC

You are invited to a Celebration with shaman Francis Rico, an afternoon of shamanic practices, self-discovery and Living Ceremony.


“Shamans” are practical dreamers – and Francis emphasizes practical applications of ancient indigenous wisdom traditions that can shift the nature of what we consider to be “reality” – creating a potential for awakening, healing, and creating real magic in our lives!

We’ll celebrate the gift that you are – with music, prayer, and practices to align your heart with the earth, sun, moon and stars!

Learn four shamanic practices that will forever shift your view of who you are and what you are capable of:
1. Enlightenment is Easy!
2. Forgiveness is the Key.
3. Suffering is Optional.
4. You are the Great Mystery!

Contact Pam Mailloux for more information, and to pre-register:
336-317-7198 – pam@shamanconnection.com

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